It’s been a long journey, but I have finally found her – (a violinist to play on my Five Years EP, that is.)

Last year, I asked around quite a bit, found a few who could play the part – but then ultimately fell through. There was a series of failed attempts and multiple cancellations after cancellations, with a number of different people.

Then, I actually did set up a recording date, finally… only to arrive and be told, ‘Oh, sorry, I don’t actually play the violin, I play the viola…’  The arrangement was way out of the range of his instrument and the session was a failure.

A few months passed, and I decided on a new approach. I work at a school, so right around move-in day, I hung up 15-20 flyers. One key point: * Will be paid! *

Success! The next day I received around fifteen replies! I suppose money is a huge incentive, and being early in the semester means less of a workload too (as I previously tried to get someone to do it during final’s week. Heh.) I’ve picked out who I want to do it, and she seems pretty excited about it!

On a related note: the ‘kickstarter’ page for my EP should go up early October. I still need to sort out some details and film a video for it. The album itself just needs a few touch-ups, but is otherwise finished!!!! Expect a release in January or February (still need to do promo stuff…)!

(Oh – and just thought this was kind of funny. This is from my violin/cello/piano sheet music for Five Years Ago.)
Thanks for reading!