Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (Mike Pouch Main Mix)

(Originally posted on Blogspot on Thursday, June 2, 2011)

Alright, this is a little bit late (sorry, sorry, sorry!) but not without reason. My music computer, while being ‘fixed’ is still having issues. It starts up, and is able to run – but after a short period of time, it starts to beep and then restarts. I’ve taken the files I need off of my music comp and installed most of the programs I need onto my laptop, so now I can do some work (like release this mix!) This also means I’ll be able to finish my album… thank God.

Anyhoo – the mix! Here is the story behind it:

“Earlier [2009] Imogen Heap took time off from writing her album to write a song for the credits of a TV show. She wrote and recorded the vocals, leaving the music to be written by the composer who was writing the score. For some reason the song was not used in the end leaving the vocals music-less. Imogen Heap decided to donate the vocal tracks to the world to do with whatever they wanted.

I, of course, being a huge fan and a musician who loves doing different mixes of things, could not resist. I ended up doing a few different versions, while DJ Pere Fouettard handled a dance mix. I whipped up a nice little booklet and put together this little free EP for you to enjoy. Sooooo… Enjoy!”

You can download said EP at and listen to the ‘Main Mix’ right here:


(Oh – and I’ll try to post some more 8-Bit mixes soon! I have a few nice ones I haven’t released yet…)

March 2011 Remix – Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

(Originally posted on Blogspot on Sunday, March 20, 2011)

I’m doing a monthly remix, starting right from this point onward. My first official remix release: Michael Jackson’s – Billie Jean. I made this over the summer to coincide with the anniversary of his death, a sort of memorial tribute. I finished 95% of it, before it was temporarily shelved.

I brought it back out recently, to test out my mixing/EQing skills, as well as to start my monthly remixes off.
When making this remix, I wanted to make something a little heavier than the original. I put some overdrive on the vocals, which really gave it some edge when he yells. I designed a few synths for this as well. I’m really proud of the effect breakdown at around 55 seconds in which leads into the bridge.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!