Attack on Titan (True 8-bit)

Hello and Good Day, Mike Pouch here!

I can’t believe it’s been three years since my last YouTube video! That being said, I’m back – this time with my 8-bit cover of the theme song from the popular animated TV show Attack On Titan! I have a few more 8-bit songs in the pipeline… one thing at a time though; watch the video here:

If you’d like, you can download an MP3 over at my chiptune page!

The ‘Titan’ theme was a suggestion by one of my YouTube subscribers named “Arch Angel.” While I have only seen the first episode, I am familiar with the show and with the theme song. With the live action trailer dropping last week, I knew it was a perfect time to make this! I also worked hard to learn how to create much better pixel art and step up my NES animation for this video. Check out my new intro and outro animation too!

Please make sure to leave a comment on the YouTube video to let me know what you think! And be on the lookout for the next chiptune jam!

Until next time, enjoy life and keep creating!
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Five Years EP is FINISHED!

Hello and Good Day, Mike Pouch here!

Big news for my long awaited ‘Five Years EP’!


Mixing with Jeremy Simon at Viking Camel Studio in Sept: DONE.

Mastering House

Mastering with Tom at the Mastering House: DONE.

That’s right! The music portion of the album is finished and ready to be shipped!

All that is left to be done is the album artwork and then promotion (perhaps a music video for ‘The Littlest Kiss’ involving sticky notes…)!

Expect a mid-summer release.

Until next time, enjoy life and keep creating!
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The Future of the Blog

Hello and Good Day, Mike Pouch here!

I’ve been bursting with creative energy as of late, so where to begin?

First off, the blog is being restructured with a more defined focus.  The purpose will be to explore the creative process. I have a lot of passion for music, art, illustration, design, theatre, film, dance, etc… of course with the finished work, but also what it takes to get there. I will be exploring many avenues of creativity, through my own projects, interviews with other creatives, occasional tutorials, as well as sharing videos, blogs, and podcasts that have inspired me. With the content I provide, I hope to inspire the creators in us all!

There will also be occasional news and announcements (like today!) So besides the blog update, what else is going on?

I just finished illustrating a 10-page comic book! My local comic book shop, “Uncanny” (formerly “Comics and More”), at the King of Prussia mall, is in the early stages of self-publishing their own works! Their first release is ‘Five Deals, One Devil,’ a collection of stories about people making deals with the devil. I contributed to “A First Time For Everything” written by Benton Freight; a story about how a Neanderthal meets face to face with the ‘big man downstairs’. I never realized how much work is involved with illustrating a comic, but enjoyed every last bit of it (besides flatting, maybe!), and I’m thrilled with the results! I plan on doing a blog series showing each step of the process, from thumbnails, to research, to designs, to penciling, inking, flatting, coloring, and lettering! I will also keep you posted about when this goes to print, of course!

On the music front, big announcement coming soon about the too-long-on-the-backburner Five Years EP! Stay tuned!

And lastly, I’m getting married in 51 days to a lovely (and absolutely incredibly creative) fiancee, Jewel. I’ve surprised myself that I was able to finish illustrating a comic, write and record a lot of music, while working a 40+ hour job and being fully involved in our wedding planning! Between Jewel and I, there is a lot of design and craft going into the wedding, which I will be happy to share with you!

Jewel and Mike Engagement Photo

Until next time, enjoy life and keep creating!
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Five Years EP – Violin Parts Recorded!

Hello My Readers and Friends!

This is just a short post to remind you that I’m still alive, and that I have recorded violin parts for my album! I recorded with the wonderful Carley Evangelista – and will be editing and mixing the sections tonight!

There’s just a few more things to still be done for my album, but the end draws nearer!!! Exciting! Well, I’ll leave you with a photo of my recording with Carley.

Oh – and she has a cooking blog with quite a few tasty recipes and kitchen tips! – Check it out if you feel inclined! Thanks for reading!


Violinist found!!!

It’s been a long journey, but I have finally found her – (a violinist to play on my Five Years EP, that is.)

Last year, I asked around quite a bit, found a few who could play the part – but then ultimately fell through. There was a series of failed attempts and multiple cancellations after cancellations, with a number of different people.

Then, I actually did set up a recording date, finally… only to arrive and be told, ‘Oh, sorry, I don’t actually play the violin, I play the viola…’  The arrangement was way out of the range of his instrument and the session was a failure.

A few months passed, and I decided on a new approach. I work at a school, so right around move-in day, I hung up 15-20 flyers. One key point: * Will be paid! *

Success! The next day I received around fifteen replies! I suppose money is a huge incentive, and being early in the semester means less of a workload too (as I previously tried to get someone to do it during final’s week. Heh.) I’ve picked out who I want to do it, and she seems pretty excited about it!

On a related note: the ‘kickstarter’ page for my EP should go up early October. I still need to sort out some details and film a video for it. The album itself just needs a few touch-ups, but is otherwise finished!!!! Expect a release in January or February (still need to do promo stuff…)!

(Oh – and just thought this was kind of funny. This is from my violin/cello/piano sheet music for Five Years Ago.)
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