(Originally posted on Blogspot on Sunday, March 20, 2011)

Greetings! I have finally decided to start using this blog more often… so here we go!
There are a few things I am going to start doing:
1. Blog more often. This will be to post updates of my music progress, music inspirations, sound design techniques, etc. I will also post music releases.
2. Use Twitter more often. This will serve a similar purpose as blogging, but in a shorter format.
3. Release a monthly remix. I want to promote my music, and a great way of doing this is through remixes. If people like your remixes, people will often check out your own solo music. (Hopefully.)
4. Release a bi-monthly 8-bit remix. I have seen some great success with my Halo 8 (see below), and there has been a real resurgence of interest in 8-bit/chip tune music. I’ve become pretty efficient at Famitracker, a “free windows tracker for producing music for the NES/Famicom-systems. […] One of the features is NSF-file exporting. That allows music created in this tracker to be played on the real hardware, or even for for use in your own NES-applications.” In lament’s terms, you can make LEGIT Nintendo music that could actually be put onto an NES cartridge (as apposed to synths that simply sound similar to NES music).

Well, That’s mostly it for now. Thanks for reading. More posts coming soon!