Hello and Good Day, Mike Pouch here!

I can’t believe it’s been three years since my last YouTube video! That being said, I’m back – this time with my 8-bit cover of the theme song from the popular animated TV show Attack On Titan! I have a few more 8-bit songs in the pipeline… one thing at a time though; watch the video here:

If you’d like, you can download an MP3 over at my chiptune page!

The ‘Titan’ theme was a suggestion by one of my YouTube subscribers named “Arch Angel.” While I have only seen the first episode, I am familiar with the show and with the theme song. With the live action trailer dropping last week, I knew it was a perfect time to make this! I also worked hard to learn how to create much better pixel art and step up my NES animation for this video. Check out my new intro and outro animation too!

Please make sure to leave a comment on the YouTube video to let me know what you think! And be on the lookout for the next chiptune jam!

Until next time, enjoy life and keep creating!
Thanks for reading!