Hello and Good Day,
Mike Pouch here!

I’m a songwriter, composer, and producer from Philadelphia, PA with a focus on well-crafted songs and highly melodic indie electropop.

When not making music, I’m an illustrator with a passion for strong storytelling through comic books and other visual mediums.

I also run a blog about the process and practicality of creating things…

Mike Pouch Sings Your Favs!

APRIL FOOLS! "Mike Pouch Sings Your Favs!" is of course, not a real album and will not be sold for $9.99. I have not actually lost my mind. The album can still be downloaded, though, and does contain some pretty funny covers! Hello Fan! You have DEMANDED it so it’s...

2016 Goals (Not Resolutions)

Hello and Good Day, Mike Pouch here! Happy New Year everyone! I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions in the traditional sense, but rather, I like to use January as a time to reflect on the previous year and focus on setting goals for the new year....

Attack on Titan (True 8-bit)

Hello and Good Day, Mike Pouch here! I can't believe it's been three years since my last YouTube video! That being said, I'm back - this time with my 8-bit cover of the theme song from the popular animated TV show Attack On Titan! I have a few more 8-bit songs in the...

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