(Originally posted on Blogspot on Thursday, July 14, 2011)

Hello dear readers!

This is a short post to let you know… my site is going to go through another redesign. I discovered the wonders of WordPress and figured I would give it a shot. I’m doing this for a few reasons:

1. It’ll be easier to edit individual pages. This has been a bit of a hassle – (editing code and uploading new versions of pages everytime I upload a new mp3 or whatever.)

2. It’ll look more professional. For one, I won’t need to link blogger into the main page for news. Also, I won’t need to use the top bar the way I’ve been using it (rather poorly.) And lastly, the site will look good on all browsers without me doing any additional work.

3. The widgets and wordpress applications are useful! I’d like to link my twitter to the main page, and be able to upload mp3s more easily!

So that’s it! I’ll try to get this done later tonight (since I won’t have to change much content, just some new design integration!) I may transfer over all of these blog posts, since there weren’t too many, and they contain a lot of interesting information (8-bit tips and whatnot!) So yeah – be on the lookout for the new design!!!