Well, if you are reading this, then you can see that the new design is up! So far, I’m really loving the way it came out, and the functionality of it (both from the user’s end, and from a designer/updater’s end.)

Here’s a screenshot of the old site:

 I removed the top bar, since it was kind of unnecessary, and made it annoying to bookmark pages/send links to specific pages to people. As well, the blogger bar right below that looks kinda silly.

I’m still having some issues with the new site, though.

(But this is because IE sucks.)

Internet Explorer indents the last word of every track. This is particularly bothersome with the production tracks (seen here) which are numbered. This only seems like a problem with internet explorer and doesn’t seem fixable without installing a new player. So yeah – if you are using IE – click this picture for a solution.

So everything in the site is fuctioning, but I still have some optimising/designing to do.  I’m also still having issues uploading a background actually. Strange – it should be one of the easiest things to do. If you find anything not working, or simply want to suggest something, let me know (and let me know what browser/OS you are using.) Thanks – and thanks for reading!! Enjoy the new site.