(Originally posted on Blogspot on Saturday, April 30, 2011)

Three things: misc web-happenings, April’s second 8-bit track and April’s remix, and some really bad news.

First: Some web happenings. I’ve discovered a lot of old web pages from the past… a LOT of really outdated, and mostly embarrassing, stuff. In the past I created Myspaces for every single band/joke project/etc, update them two or three times, and then they just sit. I also found an old online blog from highschool/early college. Yikes… So I’ve been going through and deleting all this stuff permanently from the web! Feels good for this stuff to be gone!

Second: April’s 8-bit track and April’s remix. They were supposed to be released, but there is a bit of a hold up… this leads me to part 3…

Third: My music computer – the computer I do ALL my music on, the computer were all my project files are saved… all my programs are installed… won’t turn on. Not sure what happened, but it’s most likely the power supply. I have an old desktop in the basement, so I am going to replace the power supply tomorrow as a test. Fingers crossed that this will work so I can get back to finishing my remixes… but more importantly, my album. Yikes…

I *should* be able to post an 8-bit remix tomorrow. I have a few backed up on my laptop, so I just need to make the video and whatnot. Fingers crossed on that as well.

Well, that’s it for now – I’ll keep you posted! Expect an update tomorrow night.