(Originally posted on Blogspot on Sunday, April 3, 2011)

First things first, the art section of my site is now open! Take a look! I implemented a nice fancy flash picture viewer into the table on the site – worked out well! Now I just have to upload some graphic art work as well…

Second: I did not post a second 8-bit track for March, so I will be posting three this month, as well as my ‘regular’ remix. Speaking of which, I downloaded a TON of great acapellas last night, including, but not limited to: IAMX, Bat for Lashes, Arcade Fire, Nirvana, The Beatles, Metric, MIA, and a bunch of others… should be interesting to work with.
Thirdly: www.MikePouch.Bandcamp.com is now open for business. There isn’t much posted there right now, but it’s all set up. I still need to set up the store page on my site, though. All in due time.
That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!